Monday, May 27, 2013

Lantus insulin and Byetta is a good combination

                                      Lantus insulin (glargine ) and Byetta ( exenatide ) 

                     This is a very useful combination for people with Type 2 Diabetes

 Lantus is very effective for providing basal insulin and controlling fasting glucose levels.
 Byetta is an excellent choice for controlling the daytime glucose levels

  Byetta allows for glucose sensitive insulin release which reduces the risk  of hypoglycemia
    Byetta slow gastric emptying
    Byetta helps regulate dysfunctional glucagon secretion
    Byetta often helps with weight loss

 Two very good medicines  made better in combination.
  Have fun, Be Smart and talk to your doctor about treatment options

  David Calder,MD 

Questions for tomorrow
     Define glucose sensitive insulin release.  
     Where is glucagon made and what does it do ? Hint . Click on the link below.
     Glucagon effects your life every day




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