Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diabetes Medication and Cancer

After reading the Doc's post today I sat back and thought about the number of meds I take right now that have been linked to cancer without real proof as the Doc has said.

Here is the link to his May 3rd post:

Now let's think about this for a second. I know that everything in this day and age has been accused of causing cancer. I mean there isn't one thing that hasn't been linked so to say these drugs are linked to cancer is the norm as far as I am concerned.

If I don't get proof or positives results from a study then guess what, it's just another unconfirmed cancer scare, which to be honest I am sick of.

They tell us to take these drugs then all of a sudden they mention cancer and everyone is ready to stop these drugs that are keeping us alive.

How many of you out there taking some of these diabetes drugs notice a better lifestyle while you are one them? How did you feel before or how do you feel when you don't take them?

I've had issues where my insurance denies a new med and I wait for ages to get it approved and once it is approved I feel fantastic. Then there is always a point when I run out and the pharmacy needs to get approved for the next refill and I go without for a few days and go back to feeling like crap.

Now whether they are going to give me cancer or not I'm not worrying unless there is some positive proof and the Doctor says get off this stuff now. Haven't heard that yet.

In fact the only drug my Doctor took me off and that was because I did my research was Actos and that had proven to cause issues with the heart and retaining fluids. Once off I lost weight and felt great.

I've been a diabetic for 5 years, have been taking Lantus, Humalog, Januvia, Metformin and I don't have cancer nor have I any symptoms. So guess what I am going along with life and feeling great because of these meds for now. If something comes in the future then I will figure out what to do. Till then I am living life to the fullest.

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