Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recall , One touch Verio IQ , Verio Pro and Verio pro+ / My opinion

One touch verio IQ  , Verio pro , verio pro + ,meters have been voluntarily recalled  by Life Scan and Johnson & Johnson !!!!!!!!!!

Reason- "At extremely high glucose reading of 1024 mg/dl and above, the units have failed to provide a warning of dangerously high blood sugar and will shut off, potentially delaying proper treatment ." There have been no reported injuries in the United States .

Discussion-  I applaud these companies for finding the problem and putting the interest of our patients  as their primary goal. I am sure they will find and correct the problem. 

My opinion -  Be responsible for your own care . 
A blood sugar of 1024 mg/dl is usually not a sudden finding , except in some very unstable patients with type 1 diabetes .

We as patients are responsible for monitoring our blood glucose, looking for patterns and  then correcting glucose levels out side our recommended goals.

The problems of extremely high blood sugars and Diabetic Keto acidosis is preventable by each of us, as patients and parents of children with diabetes, by just doing our job. Teens with diabetes often present their parents and health care providers with a few additional challenges.

I hope these meters gets back in every one hands as soon as possible because they provides the tools , when used , to guide the user to a pattern of abnormal glucose results that can result in corrective actions preventing  extremely high reading.

Have fun , Be Smart and use the tools now available to help you  and your heath care provider manage this disease . Good health is a wonderful gift that is preserved by our own efforts .
David Calder , MD
I have attached my post from last month with more discussion of  the above meters.

A new glucose meter with Pattern Alert Technoilogy

Looking for patterns of high or low glucose test results is difficult and time consuming !

Using home glucose test results to find patterns of high or low glucose test results is one of the keys to successful glucose managenent. Adjusting insulin and oral medications based on patterns found on home glucose test results has always been difficult for patients and their physicians. This process has just become easier thanks to a new One Touch  glucose meter

Finding patterns just became easier

The new One Touch Verio IQ meter has pattern alert techniology. 

This meter looks for and finds patterns of high and low glucose results and reports the results to you.
 It reports and saves a pattern of 3 highs (within a 3 hour window of time ) or 2 lows ( within a 3 hour window of time ).
 It also has a tagging icon on the screen with your glucose test allowing you to appropriately tag before or after meal test results

Have fun , Be Smart .This meter is another step forward , in improving your life and making your doctor a little happier.
David Calder, MD

ps. you can go to the One Touch website and get a voucher for a free  One Touch Verio IQ


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