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Preventing Iodine Deficiency

American Thyroid Association
June 4,2012

Preventing iodine deficiency:
Back ground information 
from the 2nd national report on biochemical indicators of Diet and Nutrition in the U.S. population
    sources of iodine world wide - iodize salt  and sea food
    sources in the United States - dairy products and grains . Iodized salt is not mandatory and 
                                             about 50 to 60 % of the U.S. population chose iodized salt

  Food sources of iodine
     use iodized table salt  ( contains 400 micrograms per teaspoon )
     Eat other foods high in iodine such as dairy products , sea food , meat , some breads and eggs

  Take a multivitamin containing 150 micrograms of iodine daily

United States recommendations / The institute of medicine 
    adult men and women  - 150 micrograms per day
    for pregnant women     - 220  micrograms per day
    Breast feeding women  - 290 micrograms per day 
    Children age 1  to   8    -   90 micrograms /day
                  age 9 to  13     - 120 micrograms/day
                  age 14 to18     -150 micrograms/ day

Have Fun , Be Smart and add a little iodine to your diet
David Calder,MD

ps. " Most ingested salt ( about 70 %) , which is typically not iodized ,  comes from processed foods in
         the United states and Canada "
         (The Public health committee of the American thyroid Association 2006)

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