Saturday, April 27, 2013

Are the uncertainties of cancer repressing the certainties of reducing the risk of damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes

I have attached a comment from a recent post "Diabetes, Januvia and Cancer". This ladies comments accentuate some of the frustrations and concerns that many of us have with our diabetes medications . The daily TV adds by lawyers hoping to cash in on the uncertainties of cancer and diabetes medications is not providing us with much comfort.   I am concerned that the uncertainties of cancer are repressing the certainties of reducing the risk of damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes . I have attached my thoughts on dealing with her immediate problem, hyperglycemia .  

"Well here I am...the one that got the cancer while on Januvia. Was it chance? I don't know. First came shingles and then came the cancer. I had good blood sugar results on the Januvia. Mine was breast cancer. They caught it early not that means anything in the end. But ........ which is your lesser evil. I don't know.
I guess I would take Januvia again, and I might. because now the cancer is gone, the diabetes is high and we all know the risks that can entail and I have been over 225 for almost a year. No side effects yet. but no balance. I am on metformin and glipizide. Because they were cheap. Januvia is over 800 now for 90 days. That is so expensive.

What is our life worth? "

My Response:  Insulin works  and Metformin reduces cancer risk

Congratulations ,you have already successfully faced  and defeated two difficult problems , shingles and breast cancer. You have done a good job and now it is time to do battle with with your old enemy, diabetes.
I understand your reluctance to restart Januvia . There are other  excellent choices that will allow you to again gain control of your glucose levels .   Insulin works. Lantus insulin is a once a day injection that can be adjusted to control your fasting glucose. Controlling your fasting blood glucose may allow you to control your other before meal sugars with diet , exercise and metformin . Your doctor may taper or discontinue glipizide to reduce your risk of hypoglycemia.

Have fun , be smart and talk to your doctor about your options.
David Calder, MD

Tomorrow - more on cancer and diabetes.

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