Saturday, March 23, 2013

" Avoid dessicated thyroid hormone displacement" comments and discussion

I wrote a short post Nov. 28,2011 - Avoid desiccated Thyroid Hormone replacement. This post  continues to draw comments with we doctors on one side and frustrated patients on the other.  The frustrated patients need their voice heard.

   My personal opinion is ;
      * The great majority of people with hypothyroidism are well treated with T4.
      * There rare individuals who are unable to convert T4 into the active form of thyroid hormone T3.
      *  It is our job as physicians to sort out and diagnose those rare individuals and offer them
          replacement T3.

Please review the post  and comments listed below for more information on this topic.

Avoid Desiccated Thyroid Hormone Replacement

Have fun , Be smart and see your doctor if you are having problems with your thyroid replacement
David Calder, MD

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