Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Anti-inflammatory benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids may be the most important benefit .

I received this excellent comment yesterday focused on the anti-inflammatory benefits  of Omega 3 fatty acids. Anonymous attached a link  to a brochure with more details on this topic. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Vascepa the latest option for lowering elevated tr...": 

Thank you for recognizing Vascepa...I am also an MD with a special interest in chronic inflammation..(not and employee or representative of AMRN).

You may not be aware that EPA plays a crucial role as a moderator of inflammation..acting at the cellular slows down the conversion of Omega6 Linoleic Acid derived DGLA into Arachidonic Acid (AA).AA is known to be the principal pro inflammatory signalling molecule in the inflammatory cascade...

Diabetes, like other "degenerative diseases is an inflammatory disease..Insulin is known to activate the conversion of DGLA into AA thus increasing inflammation...EPA (and glucagon) are known to suppress the reaction..The most important benefit of EPA in diabetics, may be the anti inflammatory (diet controlled) action of EPA in combination with insulin control, rather than viewing it as simply a Trig reducing drug...Check out this reference...


Thanks again 
David Calder, MD

Yesterdays question and my comments on the ORGIN Study tomorrow.  Could the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids may be dose dependent?

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