Saturday, March 9, 2013

A new glucose meter with Pattern Alert Techniology

Looking for patterns of high or low glucose test results is difficult and time consuming !

Using home glucose test results to find patterns of high or low glucose test results is one of the keys to successful glucose managenent. Adjusting insulin and oral medications based on patterns found on home glucose test results has always been difficult for patients and their physicians. This process has just become easier thanks to a new One Touch  glucose meter

Finding patterns just became easier

The new One Touch Verio IQ meter has pattern alert techniology. 

This meter looks for and finds patterns of high and low glucose results and reports the results to you.
 It reports and saves a pattern of 3 highs (within a 3 hour window of time ) or 2 lows ( within a 3 hour window of time ).
 It also has a tagging icon on the screen with your glucose test allowing you to appropriately tag before or after meal test results

Have fun , Be Smart .This meter is another step forward , in improving your life and making your doctor a little happier.
David Calder, MD

ps. you can go to the One Touch website and get a voucher for a free  One Touch Verio IQ

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