Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Hertz Rent a Car approach to Diabetes care !

The concept,  "patient activation and engagement", reviewed by Susan Dentzer below is , I believe , one of the primary ingredients for successful chronic disease management. I suggest clicking on theHealth Affairs website or reading the article in The British Medical Journal  listed below.

 I initiated the idea of a Diabetes Wellness Center in Eugene Oregon over 30 years ago . My patients  and me then had the good fortune of working with outstanding certified diabetes educators (nurses, dietitians and physicians assistents). Our goal was to maximize patient involvement in their own care with continued emphasis on basic management skills and better understanding of their disease.

The goal of this website is to improve communications between patients with diabetes or any chronic disease ( especially sleep apnea ) and their physician or other health care provider.
 I believe this goal is achieved by " patient activation and engagement" in their own health care. 

In my book Diabetes office visit , I simplified the diabetes care concept into one of the  Hertz rent a car  slogans, " Let us put you in the drivers seat".

Have fun , Be Smart and get into the drivers seat of your health care
David Calder, MD

ps- what about the Gray Hound approach to health care ?

Rx For The ‘Blockbuster Drug’ Of Patient Engagement
Even in an age of hype, calling something “the blockbuster drug of the century” grabs our attention. In this case, the “drug” is actually a concept—patient activation and engagement—that should have formed the heart of health care all along.
The topic of this  issue of Health Affairs, patient engagement is variously defined; the Institute for Healthcare Improvement describes it as “actions that people take for their health and to benefit from care.” Engagement’s close cousin is patient activation—“understanding one’s own role in the care process and having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take on that role,” as Judith Hibbard and coauthors explain.
More holistic definitions broaden these concepts further, describing patients and families working with providers all across health care, in such areas as patient-centered outcomes research. Two …

Health Aff February 2013 vol. 32 no. 2202

From The Editor-in-Chief

Potential benefits of "well engaged patients" are akin to those from a blockbuster drug, say experts
BMJ February 2013 346:feb08_2f886

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