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Home glucose testing . Which test to test ?

Glucose recording and management decisions. 
Home glucose testing is not just a have to do monitor of your glucose. 
Home glucose testing is a  valuable  tool , guiding you and your health care provider along a path to to preserving your good health.

Type 2 diabetes on oral medications
You may have a testing routine that can vary from 0 to 8 or 9 times daily . Many people with type 2 diabetes on oral medications may test once or twice daily and  fail to use the information wisely.
I have some suggestions to help you become more involved in your diabetes management decisions.

Specific Target Goals
Have specific target goals for your test results.
Discuss the ADA goals with your physician to make sure they are the best fit for your specific situation

American Diabetes Associations guide lines 2012    
           Pre prandial glucose 70 to 130 mg/dl  ( 3.9 - 7. 2 mm/l )
           post prandial glucose < 180 mg/dl ( < 10 mm/l )
           Goals should be individualized base on;
               -   duration of diabetes
               -   age/ life expectancy
               -   comorbid conditions
               -   known cardiovascular disease or advanced microvascular disease
               -   hypoglycemic awareness
               -   individual patient considerations

Which test to test
   chose your test wisely
  # 1   2 to 3 am glucose
  #2    fasting glucose
  #3    before lunch
  #4    before dinner
  #5    bedtime
  #6    1 or 2 hours after meals

    Your doctor and insurance carrier recommended testing  at least once or twice daily?
    * From the list above , rate the test  as to value in managing your diabetes.

              first ____   second____  third____ fourth____  fifth ____  Sixth____ 

    * What would you do if your choice of test is above or below your recommended target goal ?

    * How would you record and discuss  the collected data with your physician ?

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Have fun ,Be Smart and use your home testing results to help preserve your good health
David Calder, MD

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