Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Under stand glucose testing and " Win the Day"

Office Ready , Glucose checking and management tip

Testing frequency
    People with type 2 diabetes make up about 95% of people with diabetes with the largest variation in available approaches to management. This group is also less likely to use insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring and artificial pancreas as part of their management program. Many people with type 2 diabetes rely on home testing one to two times per day, A1c test  and  their physician  to make management decisions.

Diabetes management is a game of numbers
 I have previously discussed the idea that diabetes management is a game of numbers and that your good health depends on how well you play the game.  "Win the Day ", is a slogan used by some football coaches to motivate their players. It could also apply to you and I as we deal with the daily ups and downs of diabetes management.
 For more on the numbers game,read the link below
 Diabetes Office Visit Simplifies Diabetes Care

Win the Day

Why are you testing your blood glucose every day. ?
    To help you and your physician make management decisions . Sometimes the YOU part of the team is not fully participating in the game.

My purpose today is to help make you a better player

I will focus on the morning fasting glucose with a little football added.
Your goal is to score between 80 and 130 mg/dl ( this can be adjusted by your physician coach )
Your best player is insulin backed up by a strong growing team of medications .

Your opponents, are the dysfunctional Beta cells not providing adequate insulin  and out of control Alpha cells releasing unneeded glucagon ( glucagon stimulates the liver to release glucose ). Resistance to your own insulin has  also signed on with your opponents.
Their goal is to keep your glucose above your goal.
For more information about glucagon,read the link below
Glucagon effects your life every day

What is the best home test to help you keep track of who is winning the day ?

1)     A1c test
2)     after meal glucose test
3)     Fructosamine  test
4)     Fasting blood glucose
5)     3 AM glucose test

Make your choice and we will discuss the possible answers tomorrow.

Have Fun , Be Smart and "Win The Day"
David Calder,MD

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