Sunday, December 23, 2012

Metformin ( glucophage )reduces Cardiovascular risk

The December 10,2012 issue of Diabetes Care has an article of interest related to yesterdays discussion of glipizide and metformin.

Effects of Metformin Versus Glipizide on Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Coronary Artery Disease.                                                                     

They studied 304 patients with Type 2 Diabetes with a history of coronary artery disease.

Patients were randomly assigned to either metformin 1.5 gms/day or glipizide 30 mg/day.

The medium followup  was 5 years and both groups achieved similar A1c results
 ( 7.1 in the glipizide group and 7.0 in the meformin group )

  Treatment with metformin for 3 years substantially reduced major cardiovascular events during the 5 year followup.

Have Fun, Be Smart and read pages 44 and 45 in Diabetes Office Visit and talk to your doctor about metformin

David Calder, MD

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