Monday, December 17, 2012

Diabetes Office Visit App update has new features

Thanks to the talent and skills of Rudy and Carolina Amarayo owners of OribitusRoboticsLLC the new update is complete and as usual , includes Rudy's extra touches making the App much better than I expected.

Rudy Aramayo | Founding Developer | OrbitusRobotics LLC
Direct979.209.9129 |
The new update includes :
  Treatment Goals
   #1 laboratory test results can be viewed as mg/dl ( most common in the United States ) 
       or in mm/l (more common in other countries
  #2 You can now compare your latest laboratory test results with your treatment goals by just touching
       the DATA button at the bottom of the page

 Risk Management Section
     This section allows you to enter your most recent laboratory test or exams and the data will be
    This allows you to keep track of your own results and improvement.
    There is also a Custom User Data section at the bottom of the page. This area allows you to add
     test  and exams of interest to you and your physician.

 There is two little problem that will corrected with the next update
   #1 You will need to erase the name and data title  before adding your test otherwise it
        will show up with data you are entering.
   #2  Goal setting for glucose results is usually a range ie. 90 to 130.  The app at present does not allow
          for ranges
User tip ( comparing your test results with the recommend target goals)
The goal setting and risk management sections are probable the most important parts of Diabetes office visit. By just touching the Goals icon( the little light house in lower left hand side of the screen )  when you are in risk management allows you to compare your test results with your recommended goals .

  Always at your finger tips  
   Have fun ,Be Smart always get a copy of your  laboratory test result  and add along with important
   exam results to your Diabetes Office Visit App.

David Calder, MD

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