Sunday, October 7, 2012

"life with diabetes sucks" is not true ! Diabetes is your body's early warning system

I saw a comment on twitter this morning ," life with diabetes sucks".
This is a common understandable feeling that I do not agree with.    My thoughts.

Diabetes as your body's early warning system
 I will ask you think of Diabetes as your body's early warning system  providing you with the opportunity to defend your good health. 

 Life after a stroke, massive heart attack , vision loss , kidney failure or amputation really sucks. Many people without diabetes just wake up with a sudden stroke or heart attack and immediately, without warning or mercy, their lives dramatically change forever.

 My approached to managing diabetes has been framed by years of observation of people in my medical practice, my friends and family. My dad and my good friend Tony died in their 50's of sudden massive heart attacks without being given the privilege of a early warning system like diabetes. I am sure they would have loved to have been giving the opportunity to fight for their lives.

The diagnosis of diabetes is a opportunity 
 Consider the diagnosis of diabetes ( especially Type 2 ) as an opportunity , a early warning system , picked up by your body's radar giving you an opportunity to fight and defend the home your soul lives in. 

 The technology and tools are available to defeat diabetes.
 The increased glucose, slight increase in blood pressure , LDL cholesterol and triglycerides is the early warning providing you with the time and opportunity to look the enemy in the face and declare that you will never yield. The technology and the tools are available to defeat diabetes.

Pick up the Tools
You have  the privilege and the option to pick up and use the existing tools .

Make the right choice

Have fun , Be smart and pick up the tools ad review the the link below.

Diabetes- knowing the risk is our advantage"
David Calder,MD

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