Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Diabetes is a game that allows you to be less than perfect and still win

Diabetes is just a game of numbers.  

                   It is a game that allows you to be less than perfect and still win

 There are a lot of " to does "  that don't always get done in our daily lives with diabetes
I have discussed the idea of " fixing the nine" in previous post and it is also a page on this web site . Many of us will not be able to consistently reach the" recommended goals". 

I believe the "recommended  goals" evolved from averages results of less than perfect people in research study's. This means ,there was a range of perfect , better than perfect and worse than perfect results that produced the average results we call "goals". 

So how close do we need to get to the recommended goal to still benefit? I will start the discussion with LDL " goals " tomorrow.

Please review , Risk factor management can Prevent Heart attacks and strokes , at the top of site. I have also attached links to previous post dealing with this subject .

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Have fun, be smart and remember any improvement is better than no improvement
David calder,MD

ps. Google changed Blogger a little bit and interfered with my blogs. Everything is OK now.

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