Sunday, September 23, 2012

That is close to a 50 % reduction in Heart attack risk!!

A recent CME ( Continuing Medical education) program ( OpenCME) reviewed some interesting information about smoking and and heart disease. They used something called The Framingham Risk Calculator to evaluate the benefits of not smoking.

They used a 50 y/o overweight male smoker with mild hypertension and elevated LDL as an example. 

He could reduce his risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years from 25% to 11% if he just stopped smoking.

 That is close to a 50% reductions in risk, according to The Framingham Risk calculator .

Home Work
 #1 Check out the link below and estimate your own risk .  Sleep well.

 #2 What 3 letter word best describes our greatest risk ?
               More Framingham discussion tomorrow 

 #3 What happens if a person corrects a few more  known risk  factors for heart disease?
     click on  here

            Treating multiple risk factors is additive

Be Smart Stop smoking, preserve your good health and enjoy your wonderful life a little longer.
David Calder,MD

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