Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New update for Diabetes Office visit App, a few problems

Problems with the recent update released yesterday.
    Ipad Diabetes office visit will not open
    Iphone clicking the plus sign in the Risk management section  turns the app off.

Sorry for the inconvenience . We will correct these problems as soon as possible.

The good news about the update is that it  will allow lab data to be seen in metric or US customary units.

Dr. Calder


  1. i think that everyone working on the app as a developer always has their problems. the product released are not always good. Also, I added a link to this article on our smartphone app development company Appiction’s new blog “So You Want an App. This is the type of question that comes up a lot with our clients:http://savvycomsoftware.com/services/iphone

  2. Thanks for your comment. Dr. Calder


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