Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NEW Diabetes office visit update is still in progress

The new updates on Diabetes Office visit app. is still in a "bug Chasing mode ".  We are LOCATING still having problems with the Risk Management Section. Rudy Aramayo , with Orbitus Robotics LLC ,  a very talented innovative app developer is working on the problem and it will be resolved soon. Everything Rudy does always exceeds my expectations.

We are still trying to resolve some issues in the Risk management section.

The Risk Management section    is one of the most important sections of  the Diabetes Office Visit app. This portion of the app allows a person  to always have their medical history and lab data at their finger tips. Having your health history and medication always available is important for every one with and without diabetes. In fact about 50 % of Diabetes Office Visit  app applies to non-diabetics ,The risk management and Goal Setting sections .


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