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ARBS ? and Kidneys

ACES ?   ARBS ?  Blood Pressure and Kidneys
 What are ACE inhibitors and ARBS . These medications work in different ways to reduce  the effect of angiotension 2  on our blood pressure.
The enzyme inhibitor and the receptor blockers definitions

Angiotensin 1 ->(angiotensin converting enzyme) -> angiotensin 2 -> connects to angiotensin receptor on arteries -> increases BP

Angiotensin 1- inactive precursor to angiotensin 2
ACE ( angiotension converting enzyme ) converts Angiotensin 1 to Angiotension 2
Angiotensin- 2 -   a very potent constrictor of small arteries increasing blood pressure

Angiotensin -2 Receptor   angiotensin 2 has to connect into a receptor on our arteries 
                                               to effectively raise blood pressure
ACE inhibitors - partially blocks angiotension converting enzyme and allows dilation of small arteries
                             lowering blood pressure . (see yesterdays blog for a list of ACE Inhibitors) They also slow down 
                            the metabolism of another vessel dilator , Bradykinin.
ARBS ( angiotensin receptor blockers ) -   lowers blood pressure by interfering with the ability of 
                                                                    angiotensin 2 to connect to small arteries
List of Angiotensin receptor blockers
losartan       ( Cozaar ) 
valasartan   ( Diovan)
irbesartan    ( Avapro )
candesartan ( Atacand )
azilsartan      ( Edarbi )
eprostartan   ( Teveten )
olmesartan    ( Benicar )
telmisartan    ( Micardis )

ACE inhibitors from my last post
       There are over 10 different brands of ACE Inhibitors on the market. I have listed a few of the
       common brands. If your BP medication ends in  "pril " it is probable a ACE inhibitor. check with
       your pharmacist.
                  lisinopril ( zestril , prinivil )
                  ramipril   ( Altase )
                  quinipril  ( Accupril )
                  enalapril  ( Vasotec, enalaprilat )
Can a person who has had angioedema with ACE inhibitors take a ARB ?
     The answer is in one of the related post below .

Have fun , Be smart  and understand the medicines you take
David Calder,MD

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