Friday, August 10, 2012

Do you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea ? Take the test .

What is obstructive Sleep apnea ?
    Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the muscles in the back of the throat relax and allow other structures including the tongue to partially block the air way.

 Could you have Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA )?
    Suggestion . Put a check mark by symptoms you ( or your spouse ) has and don't hesitate to  discuss the possibility with your doctor.

  early clues 
    _    Your snoring disturbs others especially your spouse
    _    Your spouse wears ear plugs when going to bed
    _    Your spouse complains  of loud snoring punctuated by periods of silence

    _     Snoring is the loudest when you sleep on your back and goes away when you turn to your side

    _     Daytime drowsiness  when driving , having to struggle to keep your eyes open  when driving.
           Falling asleep at a stop light ? Intense desire to sleep when driving ? Going to sleep while driving ?

    _     Falling asleep when reading ?

    _     unusual fatigue 

    _     Unusual symptoms such as Vasovagal attacks ( fainting ) or unexplained transient ( Usually less
           than 1 minute) attacks of  atypical nausea , sweating and weakness that can occur in any position
           at any time.

    _     recent onset of heart rhythm problems           

    _     If  you have high blood pressure
    _     If you are overweight ( up to 70 % of obese people have OSA )
    _     If you have Diabetes ( OSA is 3 times more common )
    _     If you are a NFL football player (estimated up to 14% have OSA )
    _     If you are a NFL lineman (estimated up to 34% have OSA )
    _     If you have heart disease ( 30 to 50% may have OSA ) 
    _     If you have a thick neck, 
                       Women > 15 inches ( 38 cm)
                       Men      >  17 inches ( 43 cm )
    _      If have consistent nasal congestion at night and on awaking
    _      If you are over age 65 (OSA is 3 times more common)
    _      If you are black ,hispanic , asian or pacific islander 
    _      If you have a family history of sleep apnea
    _      If you smoke 
    _      If you are post menopausal
    _      If you don't believe you have Sleep Apnea when your doctor suggest you may have it.
             I had 15 of the above symptoms and did not believe my doctor when he suggested it as a 
             possible cause for my symptoms

     I have attached below some of my other recent post discussing sleep apnea

     Have Fun , Be Smart , the screening test for sleep apnea is easy and the treatment is amazing
     David Calder,MD

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