Thursday, July 19, 2012

"New strategies for treating diabetes" from the WSJ

One of my neighbors brought me  the article below. The writer Ron Winslow did an excellent job reviewing some of the newer ideas in the management of Type 2 diabetes. I will highlight  and comment on some of his points over the next few days.

New strategies for treating Diabetes
Ron Winslow
Wall Street Journal July 10,2012

New Diabetes guidelines
 Patient centered care is the focus of the diabetes care guidelines. This is basically giving patients more of a voice in their own diabetes care. 

 I discussed this idea in my June 30, 2012 blog titled the "Gray Hounds "are out and "Hertz" are in. This is also the basic idea of my book , ebook ,iphone and ipad app, Diabetes Office Visit. 

The front cover contains a picture of my back yard one beautiful morning  with a few words that , I felt were important , but were not clear to some of my reviewers at the time. The message is a little clearer now.
                                       Helping You, Help your doctor , Help You.

 Diabetes Office Visit provides the tools that will allow each of us as patient to have a louder voice in our diabetes care. 

This  new voice allows us as patients to become full partners in our health care decision.This partnership comes with a cost .  Diabetes and other chronic care patients can no longer use the Gray Hound Bus idea of "sit back relax and leave the driving to us ". It is now time to use the Hertz Rent-a car idea " Lets us put you in the Drivers seat ". Getting into the drivers seat come with new responsibilities. Each of us has to assume the responsibility of food management, daily exercise . We have to better understand this disease , Have clear simple treatment goals and stay up to date on medications and available treatments.

Diabetes Office Visit provides the idea and the tools

this website will provide the continuing education allowing you to have  more effective informed voice in your diabete care.

A little history of Diabetes Office Visit book and Apps and my lack  of marketing skills.
 One of my daughters encouraged me to write the book.  I wrote the book at a time when I was fascinated by the wonders of the iphone. I decided that paper books were a thing of the past and decided to develop a iphone app. This process took about a year and one half to complete. One of my neighbors with printing skills made a written copy and gave it to me. I then realized my mistake and looked for a publisher . I was turned down by the American Diabetes Association and decided to publish my own book through Amazon and started work on my website as a support for the app and book. The web site is fun and has given me more insight into who is actually interested in reading my almost daily blog and book . Less than 7% of my readers use iphones or ipad. Most of my readers use  window PC's and Mac computers. Developing Apps for PC's and Mac"s is very expensive. I now realize that I  have no real marketing skills but I am still a good doctor who enjoys talking to people about diabetes .

Have fun , be Smart and remember success is being happy with what you are doing
David Calder,MD

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