Thursday, July 12, 2012

More good news about insulin and cancer

More good news about insulin use and cancer. 
Insulin is a growth factor and there has been concerns  about the possible association between insulin injections and cancer. This problem was discussed at the recent American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist meeting in Philadelphia and and there does not appear to be any relationship between  insulin injections and cancer. One study reviewed in  the June issue of Internal Medicine news , The Orgin study ( Outcome reduction with  initial Glargine Intervention ). They found that the incidence of cancer was the same  in the treatment group and control group.

The bad news is : 
 There is an increased risk of cancer associated with obesity and diabetes. The cause of the this risk is not known. 
 One study found that women ( not men )had lower cancer risk after weight loss from Gastric bypass surgery. 

We all have to deal with risk of cancer. 

 Routine screening test help with early detection and successful treatment.

*A yearly urine test could pick up blood cells , an early sigh of bladder cancer
* regular colonoscopy screening and checking stools for occult blood
* Mammmagrams and pap smears
* rectal exams and the controversial PSA( prostate specific antigen ) to check the prostate in men
* stop smoking and don't hang out with people who smoke

Have fun , Be Smart and keep your cancer screening up to date
David Calder

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