Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is Knowledge the key to preserving your good health ?

Today I chose 2 articles that focus on the unfortunate reality of Diabetes care. These two articles point out the reality , there is something more than just knowledge of diabetes to the successful management of  this disease.

Diabetes Care , July 2012

*Diabetes knowledge and its relationship to achieving Treatment recommendations
Study involved 1233 adults with Diabetes

Results among patients tested within the last year.
  48 % could recall their last A1c
  63 % could recall their last blood pressure
  22 % could recall their last LDL Cholesterol
  19% stated their provider did not specify their A1c goal
  47% stated their provider did not specify their BP goal
  41% stated their provider did not specify their LDL goal
  83% of patients reporting an A1c of < 7 actually had an A1c of < 7

" Otherwise , participant knowledge was not significantly associated with with risk factor control, except for in those who knew their last LDL cholesterol level "

*Look Who's not talking
  Diabetic patients willingness to discuss self care with physicians
    - 30 % of diabetic patients  were reluctant to discuss self-care with their physicians.
    - Patients reporting depressive symptoms were less likely to discuss self care issues with their

My approach and thoughts can be reviewed on the above Tab above:

                      Risk Factor Management can prevent heart attacks and strokes.......

Have fun , Be Smart , Knowledge is the key allowing simplicity , motivation and daily application  to open the door to preserving your good health

David Calder,MD

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