Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Statins - alternate day dosing ?

Internal Medicine News  May 15, 2012
Alternate day dosing Mitigates Statin Muscle Pain  by Bruce Jancin
 (expert analysis from the annual meeting of the American college of physicians )

The author reviewed  2 articles using rosuvastatin ( Crestor ) but did point out that lipitor ( atorvastatin ) also has a long half life and would also work for alternate day use. The studies were all done on statin intolerant patients.
 #1  Alternate day Crestor 5 or 10 mg was studied in 51 patients .
       37 ( 73 % ) tolerated the regimen
       mean LDL lowering was 34.5 % half of them achieved their target LDL goal
            Ann. Pharmacology 2008;42: 341-6
#2   Once-weekly dose 2.5 to 20 mg was studied in 50 previously statin - intolerant patients
        base line LDL average 177mg/dl
       37 ( 74% ) tolerated the once weekly regimen
       The 5 mg group  lowered their LDL cholesterol by a mean of 75 mg/dl
        The 10 mg group lowered their mean  LDL cholesterol  by 79mg/dl
            clinical ther..2006;28: 933-42

   Alternate day doses is another option to consider for patients  who are intolerant to Statins.
Muscle problems associated with statins and any dose adjustments of medications need to be discussed and supervised by your physician.

Have fun Be smart ,  contact your physician if you have muscle complaints associated with Statins.
David Calder,MD


  1. What about alternative ways to lower cholesterol. Statins side effects is no joke. Many health experts believes that statins only harm people taking it.

  2. Thanks for your comment . I appreciate your input. It is a good way to stimulate discussion on an important concern for all of us taking statins. The data reporting that about 60% of people started on statins have stopped taking them within 2 years indicates the need for more discussions. thanks again Dr. Calder


Your comments and questions are appreciated. David Calder,MD