Monday, June 18, 2012

Fish Consumption and Colorectal Cancer

I will share a few articles from the June issue of The American Journal of medicine Volume 125 #6

Page 551                  Fish consumption and Colorectal cancer

 A few interesting points
   #1  there are over 1 million cases of colorectal cancer  diagnosed each year and 655,000 deaths each
         year world wide
   #2  Life style plays a role in the risk of having colorectal cancer , smoking , alcohol  consumption , 
         low intake of Vit B6 and diet in general . Dietary factors are estimated to contribute to about
         one  half of all colorectal cancer cases.
   #3  Studies done in Finland and Sweden suggest that higher fish consumption is associated with 
         lower risk of colorectal cancer . Other studies have fail to show a relationship  between fish 
         consumption and colon cancer
   #4  rectal tissue and colon tissue are derived from different embryonic tissue and may not respond the
         same even though they are connected.
  This article is a Meta analysis of 41 different studies and they concluded that fish consumption has 
  preventative effects on colorectal cancer . They were unable to determine  if the  kind of fish, how it
  was prepared or the amount was important.

    Have you had a colonoscopy done  ?
    Do you know what the current recommendations are ?

  Tomorrow . More on colon cancer 

Have fun , Be Smart  ask your doctor about having a colonoscope.
David calder,MD


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