Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Doctor is in . A little Adding to, renaming , rearranging and bragging

I have added  a question and answer tab.

Diabetes questions? Dr. Calder has answers. 
I will do my best to respond to your questions or comments within 24 hours

Please check out these tabs at the top of the page ;
                  It is Your heart , Your Choice  , click here and fix the 9
                 Your Heart, Your Diabetes , Your choice. Dr. Calder  Video

The " fixing the 9 " and the video   essentially outline my thoughts and approach to maintaining your good health and reducing your risk of complications , especially heart disease. I want to use this website , my books and apps. as a reliable source of diabetes information . My approach to diabetes care is and has always been based on the general recommendations of the American Diabetes Association.


I enjoy writing and  talking to people about diabetes .Your doctor and other diabetes health care providers are wonderful resources that are often not used as well as they could be.

One of my goals is to help move you into the "drivers seat " of your diabetes care by improving your understanding of this disease and improving your communication with your doctor and other health care providers.

My other goal with this web site is to some how find a way to recoup some of the $ 24,000 I spent publishing , Diabetes Office Visit  book, ebook , iphone and ipad app. I also want to  do some updates on the app. and make  a Mac and PC  version of app available. Most of my readers use Windows( 76 % )and  Mac's (10 %).

I hate to brag but I will any way.  The idea of ,  The Patient centered approach position statement of the American Diabetes association and the European Association for the study of diabetes published in April 2012 ,  has been available for almost 2 years  in my my book and iphone and ipad Apps, Diabetes office Visit.

Have Fun , Be Smart  and Thanks for your support
David Calder,MD

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  1. You should watch what you eat. Too much sweets is a no no, according to dentistry sydney. Yes, youa re allowed to eat whatever you want but if you wanted to live a healthy life. Do what your doctors are saying.


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