Monday, May 14, 2012

Hyperglycemia- New treatment guidelines , Patient-Centered care

 Yesterday , I mentioned the "New Treatment Guidelines for managing hyperglycemia in patients with Type 2  Diabetes " published in April 2012.  A committee of 6 American and 6 European Diabetes Specialist spent over 3 years developing these guidelines. They produced a 12 page document That I will review with you over the next few days.

Patient Centered approach
 I believe this is the most important concept of this document. They focus on the idea of individualized treatment goals . Please review my quote from Ann Peters, MD ( one of the guideline developers) in yesterdays blog.

 I will also ask you to review two other blogs in preparation for our review.
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I plan to review 3 pages of this document each day.

Have Fun, Be Smart  and set  diabetes management goals with the help of your physician
David Calder, MD

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