Thursday, May 10, 2012

Have you checked your APO-b lately ?

What is Apo -b ? 
     Apo-b is an integral part of each LDL cholesterol particle made in the liver . LDL is responsible for carrying cholesterol to tissues in our body. Apo -b is the key opening the door to various cells in those tissues.

   LDL cholesterol  is the primary tool used to evaluate risk for heart disease. I have discussed some of the problems with LDL measurements in previous post. Dec,11,2011

 Basically LDL Cholesterol is produced in our liver in a spectrum of sizes, from small dense particles to large fatty particles. The size of the LDL particle is effected by Triglyceride levels . Triglyceride levels above  150 mg/dl is associated with an increase in small dense LDL putting a person at  higher risk of cardiovascular disease . 

I will ask you now to find your last lipid panel and do a little math.

 * calculate your LDL by subtracting your HDL and 1/5 of your triglycerides  from your total cholesterol

 * Now add  200 to your triglyceride test result and repeat the calculation. What effect did that have on
    your LDL cholesterol result ?

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Have Fun , be Smart , do your math
David Calder,MD

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