Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diabetic neuropathy and Vitamin B12

 Vitamin B12 deficiency is commonly thought of as an uncommon autoimmune disease , Pernicious  anemia.

 Vitamin B12  is commonly found in eggs , meat and dairy products . The absorption of B12 in our small intestine  requires the presence of acid and something called Intrinsic factor  from parietal cells in our stomach.

There are multiple causes of B12 deficiency that are easily overlooked when we deal with the multiple issues associated with Diabetes , especially  diabetic neuropathy .

common problems associated with B12 deficiency

# 1 any problem involving a persons stomach or intestine such as ;
        *  gastric bypass surgery an increasingly popular treatment for obesity and type 2 Diabetes
        *  diseases of the small intestine such as Celiac disease
        * gastric atrophy occurs in 5 to 20 % of the elderly population

# 2  Medications
        * proton pump inhibitors - long term use
                    Prilosec , Losec ( omeprazole )
                    Nexium ( esomeprazole )
                    Prevacid ( lansoprozole )
                    Dexilant ( dexlansoprazole )
                    Protonics ( pantroprazole )
                    AcipHex, Pariet (rabeprazole )
       * Metformin ( glucophage )

 #3 Severe illness such as sepsis , AIDS , subarachnoid hemorrhage

Tomorrow.   Symptoms of B12 deficiency
                      Can you name another vitamin that will hide one of the diagnostic clues of B12 deficiency ?

Have fun , Be Smart and learn more about the the little details that hide under the name ,Diabetes
David Calder, MD

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