Monday, May 7, 2012

ACTOS side effects by MARK

I have attached a copy of something written by my friend Mark Clifford and posted on his web Page. His short blog does a great job describing  the primary side effects of  of glitazones , ACTOS( pioglitazone)  and Avandia ( rosiglitazone)

Click on his title below and it will link you to his web site.

Have You Taken Actos? Are You Still On Actos?

I was on Actos and after Patti my Wife read an article about the side effects we talked with my then Cardiologist who said to stay on Actos. Later when I decided to take myself off Actos, approved of course from my Internist, I immediately lost 20 pounds of water weight and the pressure around my heart went away as well as my raspy voice that seemed to prove I had lots of fluid within my lungs.

Read this and learn more. 

Have fun , Be smart and read the package insert  that comes with each of your medicines.

David Calder,MD


  1. Bottom line here is to seek medical attention right away if any severe side effects occur when using Actos. Experts know what's best. bladder cancer symptom

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