Tuesday, April 24, 2012

" daily aspirin reduces the long -term risk of cancer "

"Daily aspirin reduces the long-term risk of cancer" 
 This  quote was taken from an article article published in The Lancet , March 21 2012 and reviewed in Internal Medicine News  4/1/12

They study  data from 51  randomized studies comparing daily aspirin use  vs.  no aspirin and  adults who take a daily aspirin have a 15 % reduction in death from cancer compared to the non-aspirin  control group. Cancer death reduction was 37 % in the groups taking aspirin for over 5 years

If you look at the numbers :
       the overall 15 % reductions in deaths in the 51 studies reviewed ( 79,549 patients )
                   562  aspirin users compared to 664 non- aspirin users.

       In the 34 studies following patients for over 5 years  ( 69,000 patients )
                   92 deaths in the aspirin users compared to 145 deaths in the non -aspirin users

        In 6 studies of patients (35,500 patients ) taking low dose aspirin 72 mg/day for longer than 3 years
                   deaths in female aspirin users - 324 compared to 421 in non-aspirin users
                   deaths in  male aspirin users   - 192 compared to 245 in non - aspirin users
Daily aspirin has an absolute cancer risk reduction of 3.13 per 1000 patient per year.

This is more good news for us aspirin takers. 
 Question . What other diabetes medication also reduces our risk of cancer ?

Have fun , be smart and take your aspirin
David Calder,MD

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  1. I haven't heard about thing long term benefit from regularly taking aspirin. It seems unlikely but I guess the figures speak for themselves.


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