Friday, March 2, 2012

Salty Questions

Salt is essential to our health and to much salt in our diet contributes to increase risk of high blood pressure , heart attacks and strokes.  

 Today will be a little test of your salty knowledge.


      #1 what is the average daily sodium intake per person  in the United States ?

     #2 How much daily sodium does our bodies need ?

     #3 The amount of sodium in 1 teaspoon of salt is ?

     #4 An acceptable level of daily sodium is ?

    # 5 Recommended  daily sodium intake if you:
                          Are over age 51 ,
                          Are an African American
                          Have  high blood pressure
                          Have Diabetes
                          Have chronic kidney disease

   #6 Most of the salt in our diet comes from:
                          a ) Salt added during cooking and while eating ?
                          b ) processed and restaurant  foods ?

    #7  Canned vegetables contain more salt  per serving than frozen vegetables ?
                          True or false

Possible answers are listed below :

      true or false  
      a or b
      4000mg of sodium /day
      180 -500 mg of sodium /day
      3436 mg of sodium /day
      2300 mg of sodium / day
      1500 mg of sodium /day
      1000 mg of sodium /day

 Answers tomorrow !

Have fun , Be Smart and Defeat Diabetes
David Calder, MD

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