Saturday, March 3, 2012

Salty Answers

Salt is essential to our health and to much salt in our diet contributes to increase risk of high blood pressure , heart attacks and strokes.  

 Today will be a little test of your salty knowledge.


      #1 what is the average daily sodium intake per person  in the United States ? 
              Answer - 3436 mg/day
     #2 How much daily sodium does our bodies need ?
              Answer-    180 to 500 mg/day

     #3 The amount of sodium in 1 teaspoon of salt is ?
             Answer -  about 3436 mg/day

     #4 An acceptable level of daily sodium is ?
              Answer - 2300 mg/day
    # 5 Recommended  daily sodium intake if you:
                          Are over age 51 ,
                          Are an African American
                          Have  high blood pressure
                          Have Diabetes
                          Have chronic kidney disease
               Answer - 1500 mg/day
   #6 Most of the salt in our diet comes from:
                          a ) Salt added during cooking and while eating ?
                          b ) processed and restaurant  foods ?
            Discussion - about 75 % of the salt in our diet comes from processed and restaurant  foods.
             Processed or convenience foods are the commercially prepared ready to eat foods such as
             soup ,processed meats such as hot dogs , fast foods , potato chips , nuts and almost anything 
             packaged and  located near the front of the store . Studies have shown that salt increases the 
             palatability of food. THese same foods are also usually loaded with saturated fat and transfat.

             Be smart , buy fresh fruit and vegetables ,whole grain foods , unsalted nuts 

    #7  Canned vegetables contain more salt  per serving than frozen vegetables ?
                          True or false

Possible answers are listed below :

      true or false
      a or b
      4000mg of sodium /day
      180 -500 mg of sodium /day
      3436 mg of sodium /day
      2300 mg of sodium / day
      1500 mg of sodium /day
      1000 mg of sodium /day

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