Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My first road trip with the Dash diet as my passenger

My wife and I have a simple life style and eat 90 % of our meals at home. We use the microwave  oven and blender more than the stove or oven.

The DASH diet is like all diets . 
It is easier to talk about than it is to follow. 
One  of the main things I like about this diet is the simple idea of just eating a certain number of servings of each food group each day. 
This diet , like most things in life , has easier and more difficult parts to deal with each day.
The easy part for me was eating 4 servings of fruit , 2 servings of nuts and legumes  and .5 + serving of sweets each day. The legumes was a little more of a problem until I discovered that I love 4 bean salad( this 4 bean approach to legumes does add a little more sugar and salt to my diet )
 Eating 4 vegetables and 7 grains daily has been a challenge for me. Drinking a can of V8 juice helped with the vegetables. The 7 servings of grains is still  difficult for me.

Another hidden benefit of the dash diet
Fewer calories with less effort, Maybe.
Eating 4 fruits , 4 vegetables and a handful of nuts is very filling and does not leave a lot of room for other foods.  Could this be another hidden benefit of this diet?

Our first road trip and the DASH diet. 
My wife and I just returned from a 7 day road trip sleeping in motels and eating in restaurants . I did better the first few days and then failed worse each day after meeting up with our children and grandchildren in Palm Springs. 
We had a wonderful ,fun filled time with more than our fair share of laughs.
My wife and I are truly blessed.

The food issues were still present even using the simple approach that should work any where any time.
 I think my wife and me did a little better than we normally would have done in this situation . 
One positive step  happened, We silently thought about our meals and I believe the idea , of just trying to eat 4 fruits ,4 vegetables and etc  each day , helped. 

 Rick's in Palm Springs  has a great vegge burger.

I also discovered that regardless of what we ordered it was always 20 plus dollars.

 My last attempt at beating the  "got your money game" occurred on our way home at a wonderful place called Harris Ranch. My wife and I ordered oatmeal for breakfast  , 3.50/ bowl (as I recalled from the menu), 2 cups of coffee and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast. I left a  tip and handed the cashier a 20$ bill . I stood there waiting for change and she stood their waiting for the rest of the money that I owed her and the state of Calif.. 

Have fun enjoy life and every precious moment with your family,
David Calder,MD

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  1. Great article Doc. It is truly amazing though about the cost of eating out. Patti and I find that out every week, even when we try to go as low cost as possible. It never works out that way.

    As for the DASH diet, I believe I will join you in trying it out.


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