Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Benefits of having an A1c test done

 What are the Benefits of A1c testing ?

 Glucose in blood binds to  hemoglobin in  red blood cells  and remains attached for the life of the  cell which is about  3 months.  Higher glucose levels are associated with more glucose attachment . The chart below will give you an idea of how A1c results correlate with mean glucose test results..
                                        Mean plasma glucose

A1C (%)
                                         mg/dl               mmol/l
6                                          126                     7.0

7                                          154                      8.6

8                                          183                    10.2
9                                          212                    11.8
10                                        240                    13.4
11                                        269                    14.9

    The A1c test is a predictor of the risk for developing diabetes complications. Two classic studies, the DCCT study in Type 1 Diabetes and  the UKPDS  done with Type 2 Diabetes demonstrated a significant   reduction in eye , nerve and kidney damage by reducing  the A1c  to 7. There was about a 30 % reduction in risk for  a 1 % point drop in A1c. There was also a nonsignificant 16% reduction in cardiovascular risk  by reducing The A1c from 8 to 7 in the UKPDS .
 These two large studies  and another one called the Kumamoto study provided the evidence for establishing an A1c result of < 7 as the recommended target goal

Have fun , Be Smart and Defeat Diabetes
David Calder,MD

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