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Diabetes Office Visit App. updates are almost complete

New updates are almost complete on the iPhone,iPad App. The update will include the ability to view your lab. results in mg/dl or mm/l .  Data entry for goal setting and cardiovascular risk risk management is improved. The next update will make Diabetes Office Visit App available for mac computers and Pc computers.

Diabetes Office visit App iTunes add update

I have revised my iTunes  explanation of  the Diabetes Office  Visit App.  Comments ,corrections and discussion is welcome .

The only comprehensive diabetes management App - see more 
**CREATED BY David Calder MD to provide an always at your finger tips comprehensive diabetes management tool , that will simplify your diabetes care and help you preserve your good health. 
                                         "  Diabetes Office Visit app.  " is designed to help you , 
                                             Set goals> reach goals> and prevent complication 
                                          :" Diabetes office visit app " is designed specifically to deal with all risk 
                                             associated with having Diabetes. 
                                            Diabetes control is more than just controlling blood glucose levels. 
                                            Cardiovascular disease is the major risk for people with Diabetes and 
                                            pre -diabetes.
     " RISK MANAGEMENT SECTION "     provides the tools for tracking and managing the risk factors ( Blood 
                                                            Pressure , LDL cholesterol , HDL cholesterol , Triglycerides , Apo b 
                                                            levels and albumin/ creatinine ratio ) associated with Diabetes and 
                                                            heart disease.

      "GOAL SETTING SECTION "             provides you with the recommend target goals and the ability to 
                                                             adjust those goals to meet your specific situation.
                                                             Having target goals makes diabetes care much simpler. If you know
                                                             the target goals- then any thing that is not meeting that goal is a
                                                             reason for discussion with your physician
                                      ” YOU FAIL TO ACHIEVE 100% OF THE GOALS YOU DON'T SET”. 
     " GLUCOSE MANAGEMENT SECTION " is designed by me to present the the information needed by you
                                                                and your physician to make management decisions . Collecting 
                                                                and presenting the right  data to your health care provider is 
                                                                crucial to making the correct glucose management decisions. 
                                                               You can follow just your glucose results or add carbohydrate 
                                                               intake, exercise or medications if needed.
                                                               The ebook discusses when to test and how to  present your data to
                                                                your health care provider. 
     " e BOOK SECTION "                          Provides all of the above tools , plus a better understanding of 
                                                               treatment goals and a light hearted look at our diet problems and 
                                                               geezerhood treatment decisions and diabetes .
                                                              Diabetes office visit deals one of the biggest diabetes associated
                                                              risk , COMPLACENCY .
                                                                       (the feeling of quite security often while unaware of a 
                                                                        potential danger )
    " DIABETES OFFICE VISIT WEB SITE "   This web site and "The Doctor is in"  section is designed to answer 
                                                               any diabetes related questions and includes a almost daily blog 
                                                               focused on improving your understanding of basic management 
                                                               concepts.  The 10 minute App training video will help you find and
                                                               use all of this app's features.
      You and I , as patients ,are ultimately responsible for managing all of the aspects of diabetes care. 
       Imagine what could happen if, each of us accepted the privilege and responsibility for   
       maintaining our own good health. Diabetes Office Visit App. provides you with the tools to make this 
       this happen 

       You can also reach me  email           
                                            Regular mail —- Diabetes office Visit PO BOX 1170 Creswell, Oregon 97426 
I will do my best to make this app work for you.
One of the technical issues we had in development was the inability of me to make test and corrections prior to its release. This resulted in 8 updates over 3 to 4 months as I found and corrected Items that did not meet my goals. I apologize for that problem 
If you are unhappy with the app for any reason i will refund your money . 
                 Thank you , have fun  and be smart . You can defeat diabetes
                                                                                                                  David Calder, MD 
This eBook and App is written by David Calder,MD  , a diabetes specialist with over 35 years of experience , who worked hands on to design this app to help patients better manage all aspects of 
their diabetes care. This app taps the knowledge and experience of Dr. Calder to  help you get more out of each doctor's visit .

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