Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Women and Heart Disease- The Evening News Again

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It is the evening news again. Last night one of the major  news stations reported on a new study , the first proof ,  that "women can  reduce their risk of having cardiovascular disease by taking taking a Statin ".

I think it is great that they helping every one become more aware of the value of " Statin " drugs .  But maybe they should have said it confirmed previous studies.

The Heart Protection Study  published in Lancet vol.360 -july 6, 2002 included women. This study of high risk individuals , found that taking Simvastatin  40 mg /day for 5 years would prevent about 70 to 100 people per 1000 from suffering a major vascular event  irrespective of age, sex and presenting cholesterol concentrations. 

The CARDS study  also published in Lancet vol. 364 Aug.21, 2004 was done on people with Diabetes and with no previous history of heart disease but including people with known risk factors. Women were included in this study also.
 The treatment group receive atorvastatin 10 mg /day . The results of the CARDS study shows that atorvastatin 10 mg /day leads to a 37% reduction in major vascular events and a 48 % reduction in strokes.

 The last sentence in the CARDS study report is one of my favorite lines.

 " The debate about whether all patients with Type 2 Diabetes  warrant statin treatment should now focus on whether any patients can be reliably be identified as sufficiently low risk for this safe and efficacious treatment to be with held, "

I believe that we  can add "all men and women "and can remove " with Type 2 Diabetes " from the above statement because we are all at risk of having vascular disease.

Remember , you are responsible for your for your health care.  Don't let yourself down.  Know and correct any risk factors you may have for heart disease..

Have fun , Be Smart and Defeat Heart Disease
David Calder,MD

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