Monday, January 16, 2012

More on hypoglycemia and " lizard spit "

Answer to yesterdays question about lizard spit. 
Byetta ( exenatide ) is a synthetic  version of a hormone found in saliva of Gila Monsters  
 I have another question for you .

 What currently available diabetes medicine has all of the benefits listed below ?  ( hint- look up )
 #1 improves glycemic control and provides glucose sensitive insulin release

 #2 decrease systolic BP

 #3 decreases body weight

 #4 decreases LDL Cholesterol  

 #5 decreases fasting triglycerides

 #6 decreases hsCRP ( an inflammatory marker )

 #7 decreases insulin resistance

#8  preserves Beta cell function  and increases insulin levels . 

#9  no significant risk of hypoglycemia

Mark and I had planned to move on to a discussion of goal setting and then living life stepped in with technical problems and my computer skills while Mark ( my partner in this blog ) was having a real life adventure with hypoglycemic unawareness last weekend.  Our goal with this blog is discuss  diabetes from the  clean , clinical , It is all clear in my mind doc's perspective  and from Mark's down in the dirt daily dealing with diabetes.

The ACCORD  study we discussed a few days ago discusses some of the risk of hypoglycemia.

We also know that it is possible to recover some of the early warning signals of hypoglycemia by carefully avoiding hypoglycemia . So, what is wrong with Mark ? Why doesn't he just fix the problem ?  It is easy for me to say " avoid having hypoglycemia ". What is his problem ?
Read about Marks  weekend adventure

More tomorrow
 David Calder,MD

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