Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Diabetes Office Visit- review from different perspectives

In 2011 our website was hacked and essentially destroyed .This event was initially upsetting to everyone involved yet overall the hacker opened a door of opportunity for us. We have looked at and are in the process of  better defining our goals. I see Mark as a man of a million ideas who has diabetes and has experienced some of its complications. He has a more global look at diabetes with a goal of developing communities of people to help improve the lives of every one with diabetes . He has discovered that this process is as complex and difficult as diabetes is itself. My vision of diabetes care comes from a different perspective.
I am a physician , with pre-diabetes, who has had the privilege of being an endocrinologist with partners that have allowed me to focus my attention on diabetes for over 35 years. I have always been fascinated by  the physiology of this disease, how it effects our lives each each day, with it's silent capacity to steal our good health. I have been even more impressed  by my patients ability to rise up and face this enemy of our health. I marveled at the good sense, strengths and determined will of of my frailest patients to stand  alone with their faith and make very tough decisions.  I believe that these moments with my patients,  often in the early morning or late night hours, is a very special privilege that doctors share with their patients . I have always hoped that possess that same courage. I have certainly had some very good teachers.
As a result of my experience , my approach to diabetes is more local and focused on one person at a time. I believe that I have developed, over time, a simpler approach to this complex disease that I discussed in my book ,Diabetes Office visit. I  believe that your best diabetes care comes from the wisdom and care provided by your personal physician.My goal with “Diabetes Office Visit “ is to improve the  communication between you and your physician to reduce your risk of complications.
My son in law, Vince, was helping me write a grant proposal  recently. After listening to my ideas he coined a term “ Managing The nine “ referring to the risk factors associated with our increased risk of heart disease. That one term explains the whole concept of this book. My other goal is to sell enough books and Apps. to recoup my development cost.
With the above background; Mark and I plan to discuss diabetes from our different perspectives. We will start with a review of each chapter of my book with a goal of getting your comments combined with our perspectives and develop a better second edition. 

 Chapter 1 Two Devils- The Lows and the highs

My summary of this chapter is that everyone with diabetes walks a path each day between the immediate some times silent consequences of the Devil of low blood sugar and the mostly silent long term consequences of high sugars. The other message in this chapter is that as we get older Long Term gets shorter and short term becomes more important in our treatment decisions. The last paragraph “ Just do your best “ is my over 35 years observation of people with diabetes      

Have fun, be smart and “Fix the Nine”         David Calder, MD

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