Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Your heart and your Apo b test

Yesterday we discussed some of the problems associated with evaluating our LDL test results. We know that an increase in our Triglycerides  effects the mathematical calculation of LDL  and is also associated with an increase of small dense LDL particles .

We do have another way of evaluating LDL cholesterol .
It is possible to measure a protein , called  Apo-b .
Apo-b lipoprotein is an integral part of each  LDL particle regardless of it's size.

 Recommended Goals  2009
                          ACC( American college of cardiology )
                          ADA ( American Diabetes Association )
      LDL <100 mg/dl           Apo b   < 90 mg/dl

       LDL < 70 mg/dl            Apo b   <80  mg/dl

  Combining this test with your LDL result  is another tool helping you and your doctor  reduce your risk of heart disease.

What is non-HDL cholesterol ?   Find out tomorrow .
       Have fun.   Dr. Calder



  1. Tell us about the benefits of NMR and A1C testing...pleazzzzzzz. Thank you!

  2. NMR lipid profile is a test that measures the number and size of lipoproteins such as LDL and HDL. This can be useful when trying to evaluate someone LDL cholesterol who also has a elevation of their Triglyceride level over 150mg/dl.
    LDL is made in the liver and is produced is a spectrum of sizes varying from small to large LDL particles. The smaller size LDL is associated with increased risk of heart disease . Triglyceride elevation which is common in people with Type 2 diabetes is associated with an increase is the small dense LDL particles .
    Apo b test is another way of this problem. See my blog Dec.14

    see todays blog for more on A1c . Dr Calder


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