Friday, December 16, 2011

What is Non-HDL cholesterol ? Why should I care ?

We have discussed using LDL cholesterol and Apo b test  to help evaluate  our risk for developing heart disease. Today we are discussing another tool  that is gaining in popularity , Non-HDL Cholesterol .

 Non -HDL Cholesterol  is based on a simple idea . Elevated levels of any thing other than HDL is not in our best interest.

 Calculation is easy;
      Total cholesterol - HDL  =  Non - HDL Cholesterol

 Recommended  Target Goals by;    ADA ( American Diabetes association )
                                                          ACC ( American college of cardiology )

                              LDL            Apo b          Non-HDL cholesterol
                                mg/dl           mg/dl               mg/dl

no risk factors        <100            <90                 <130
+ 1 risk factor         <70             <80                 < 100

  risk factors include High Blood Pressure ,smoking , family history of premature heart disease.

  This is an easy test to do on your own lab.  and may help you and you physician make management decisions
                          Have  fun      Dr. Calder

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