Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reducing heart disease risk is your choice

In a recent article in medscape,Dr. John Betterridge(university of London,UK )discussed the evidence for the use of Statins as part of our treatment program for people with diabetes.He pointed out that trials such as the CARDS Study have proven the benefit of Statins in reducing the risk of vascular disease in people with type 2 diabetes. The CARDS study , for example, used Lipitor(atorvastatin) and reduce LDL cholesterol by 40 % and was associated with a 37% reduction in cardiovascular events and a halving of the stroke rate in 4 years.
He refered to another study the Cholesterol treament Trailists'Colalaboration which showed that women and people with type 1 diabetes over the age of 40 benefited from the use of statins.

I like final sentence in the CARDS study.

"THe debate about whether all patients with type 2 diabetes warrant statin treatment should now focus on whether any patient can reliably be identified as sufficiently low risk for this safe and efficacious treatment to be withheld" .

Upcoming topics on cholesterol. The > good , the < bad = < ugly outcome

How low to go with LDL cholesterol ( bad cholesterol ) ? Is there a level of optimal benefit ?

LDL is made in our___?____ . LDL cholesterol comes in small , medium and large sizes. What would you like to order ?

Is my LDL test results measured or just a calculated number?

Where are your triglycerides tonight ? Why should you care ?

My HDL ( good cholesterol )is 65 mg/dl. Why should I care about my LDL result ?

Will taking a " Statin drug " completely protect me from a heart attack ?

You can reduce your risk for developing heart disease and stroke. Become your doctors #1 assistant in maintaining your good health.

Reducing your heart disease risk is a game of numbers . Play hard ,understand your numbers , and win one day at a time ?

Have fun. Dr. Calder

Dr. Calder

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